About the plugin

This plugin is for hiding the input fields for username and password. This is handy when an 3rd Party Login (like OAuth) should be used for your WSC installation.

You can also hide the registration message or redirect the Registration to a given URL. Furthermore, it is possible to show a link for the classic login with credentials, so users without an connected 3rd Party are still able to login.


User -> Login

  • Hide Login-Form - The Login form in the Login-Dialog as well as at the Login-Page will be hidden.
  • Show Link to Login-Form - This option will show an link to the Login-Page and there fields for username and password are displayed, so users which have no connected 3rd Party Login are able to login.

User -> Registration

  • Redirect Registration - All Registration Links are redirected to a given URL
  • Registration URL - The URL where the Registration should redirect to
  • Hide Link to Registration - Hide Registration Hints at the Login-Dialog as well as at the Login-Page.